İstanbul’un En İyi 15 Saç Ekim Merkezi ve 2023 Saç Ekimi Paketleri

İstanbul’un En İyi 15 Saç Ekim Merkezi ve 2023 Saç Ekimi Paketleri

İstanbul’un En İyi 15 Saç Ekim Merkezi ve 2023 Saç Ekimi Paketleri Günümüzde, saç ekimi giderek daha pop

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Are Hair Transplanters Satisfied In Turkey 5 Important Tips You Should Read


Those who have had hair transplantation share their experiences in this process on different platforms and share information for those who will have new transplantation. In addition to social media sites such as Ekşi Sözlük, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, you also have the chance to learn in detail what you wonder about hair transplantation from various forum sites or Information Portal-style blog sites. First of all, it is an important criterion to look at who wants to have a hair transplant and why. After all, since there are many different stages in hair transplantation, a question mark remains in people’s minds.

However, don’t leave any question marks in mind. The reason for so many plantings is that the success rate reaches almost 100%. It is also progressing in a way that applies to people all over the world. There are millions of people who come to our country just to have a hair transplant. The skin color, hair type, age, height, and weight of these people seem to be completely different. There are many different criteria for those who have hair transplantation, as well as various factors such as the structure of the skull, its hardness, and the strength of the hair type. According to these factors, it is possible to achieve successful results in hair transplantation.

Istanbul Hair Transplantation Center

Those who have hair transplantation mostly prefer Istanbul in Turkey. Turkey is known as the best country in the world in the field of hair transplantation. However, except for some hospitals, it is a very difficult process and takes a long time to find a hair transplant center except in big cities. For this reason, cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Antalya are among the priorities that people prefer for those who want to have a hair transplant during a vacation, family visit, or business visit. When the best hair transplant centers are in service in Istanbul, you can come to Istanbul for a hair transplant. In this way, you will be able to go again at the end of the process. As a result, since the important thing is a good hair transplant, you will be able to have a beautiful appearance with Istanbul clinics in Turkey, which are quite advanced in the field of aesthetic surgery.

Although it is the job of experts to give medical details, thanks to this process, which we can say about this issue, your hair will be presented to you with a natural appearance. Another important part of Istanbul is, of course, that many people have had hair transplants and the price range is also very wide.

Best Hair Transplant Methods

Among the questions most frequently asked by those who want to have new and lush hair as before, the question of which method they should choose is at the forefront. First of all, let’s say that since everyone’s hair structure is different, the density of hair loss will progress differently. The most obvious differences between the methods are known as the density and price of the place where the hair will be transplanted. The rate of shedding in hair transplantation ensures the selection of the method. If the rate of shedding in your hair seems to be very high, planting will be easier and the price will be lower. The factor that determines the method of hair transplantation is known as how much hair loss is.

The most used methods are FUE and DHI methods. Among these methods, the hair follicles to be transplanted are taken first in FUE. Afterward, these are kept in one place, and then the planting process is carried out by the clinics. DHI, on the other hand, provides direct hair follicle removal and planting in its new place. As it is more difficult, the DHI method is also expensive in terms of price.

However, it is also the best choice for those with thinning hair. Due to the high success rate, those who have hair transplantation continue their lives with the hair they want according to the success of the center they have had it done. Those who have hair transplantation tell about the methods that are suitable for them. But the doctor should determine the method that is suitable for you.

Who Performs Hair Transplantation?

The hair transplant method is decided according to the difficulties of the person to be transplanted. However, the whole process is followed by specialist doctors. In the FUE method, the doctor follows up by making the necessary follow-ups, coordinating the removal of grafts from the donor area, and then transplanting them to the required area. In possible cases, specialists intervene with you and follow the entire hair transplant process. Since the DHI method is more difficult, doctors usually carry out direct transplantation.

The important thing here is that the doctor coordinates the whole process of hair transplantation. As a result, since all the necessary analyzes, examination of your hair type, determination of the direction, design, and determination of the number of grafts are all done by the doctor, the success of the transplant varies accordingly.

How Much Are Hair Transplant Prices?

The most frequently asked question to those who have had a hair transplant is known as “how much did you get it done”. Since everyone gives a different answer, those who want to have a hair transplant have a hard time finding the exact answer they are looking for. However, the answer is known very simply. You can learn by knowing how much a graft is planted by the clinic or doctor or hospital you prefer.

Afterward, you calculate how many grafts you need to have hair transplantation. For this, you can determine the average number of grafts to be transplanted according to your baldness status on the Norwood Scale. Afterward, you can calculate the price according to the price of 1 graft you received.

For example, according to the FUE method, if 1 graft is 10 TL, if 1500 grafts will be transplanted, you will have a hair transplant for 15000 TL. In the DHI method, 1 graft is done between 15-20 TL. Of course, these figures are estimates, so you need to get a price before trading.

Again, you should know that it is not only the graft that determines the prices but also the quality of the service you will receive, which also plays an important role in affecting the prices. Especially for those coming from abroad or from outside the city, meeting many needs such as meeting, accommodation and meals are also organized by the centers.

Read For Price Calculation; What is a graft? How Many Hairs Is 1 Graft? How is Graft Calculation Made?

Best Hair Transplant Centers

Center selection in hair transplantation is known to be very important. In other words, who is the doctor who will do the hair transplant is very important in the process? Patients who have had a hair transplant will be asked about the place where they had the hair transplant, especially if it has been a good transplant according to the condition of the patient’s new hair. But the answer you get shouldn’t mislead you. Because according to hair loss, the method of transplantation should be determined. Since each center or doctor is an expert in their field, the best centers should be evaluated according to hair transplantation procedures.

You can have more detailed information by reading the article Turkey’s Cheapest Hair Transplant Centers and Current Hair Transplant Prices that we have prepared on this subject.

What are the Hair Transplantation Hospitals in our previous article? In our article titled Istanbul Best Hair Transplantation Hospitals, there is detailed information about the best Hair Transplantation Hospitals, in Istanbul Hair Transplantation Hospitals and Hair Transplant

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