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İstanbul’un En İyi 15 Saç Ekim Merkezi ve 2023 Saç Ekimi Paketleri

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Best DHI Hair Transplant Clinic In Turkey Istanbul


Considering which of the best DHI hair transplant clinics in Turkey are, hair transplant centers with advanced medical technologies are offered to people with high success rates. By working with doctors who are experts in the field of best hair transplantation centers throughout Turkey, it increases the rate of adherence by applying international developments to domestic processes. It also maximizes the natural hair appearance. In this case, hair transplantation processes are carried out both abroad and in different cities in Turkey. Thus, the increase is achieved successfully.

Successful procedures are performed by the patients, together with the alternatives of treatment methods offered together with hygiene standards in hair transplantation processes. Hair transplantation techniques such as DHI and FUE are provided together by the surgeon and doctor. Some clinics that have become popular in the field of best hair transplantation, provide customer satisfaction related to hair transplantation with the general research,

  • Este Favor Hair Transplantation Center
  • Smile Hair Clinic Hair Transplantation Center
  • Sapphire Hair Clinic Hair Transplantation Center
  • MedArt Hair Istanbul
  • Buk Beauty Hair Transplant
  • Bienlife Clinic Istanbul
  • Asmed Hair Transplantation Center
  • Eshethica Hair Transplant Clinic

Which are the Best DHI Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey?

Clinics provide support for the DHI hair transplantation method and many other methods. The experience of the people who perform the application doesn’t affect the health and gives an advantage to the patients. Apart from this, how is DHI hair transplantation done with DHI Hair Transplantation centers? Is it useful? It is possible to reach detailed information on many subjects such as before, after, and advantages from the continuation of the article.

Este Favor Hair Transplantation Center

Este Favor hair transplant center Bakirkoy has the reputation of a popular hair transplant center providing services in the Istanbul region to combine reliable and permanent results with the most natural appearance. Este Favor hair transplant center, which is among the best hair transplant centers in the world, is also known as a popular and high-quality hair transplant center providing service in Istanbul Bakırköy.

Along with the VIP service provided for individuals, natural appearance and high-density hair transplantation guarantee are provided by the institution in the best way. Este Favor hair transplant center follows world technologies closely and prefers high-tech and quality devices. Este Favor also provides new hair transplantation technologies to its clients.

Este Favor, who prefers painless DHI Choi, FUE, Sapphire hair transplantation with specialist doctors, performs hair transplantation operations in a JCI certified A+++ sterile operating room environment. The prices provided to Este Favor vary between 8,000 and 15,000 TL on average. You can reach the page for a free price suggestion.

Smile Hair Clinic Hair Transplantation Center

Smile Hair Clinic Hair Transplantation Center has been serving its patients since 2018 in the Ümraniye Istanbul region. It is known as a quality and popular clinic established by Dr. Gökay and Dr. Mehmet Erdoğan in 2018. This clinic, which is among the best hair transplantation centers, is also one of the successful clinics in Istanbul that performs sapphire hair transplantation. In hair transplantation operations, all processes are generally followed by doctors.

Until now, Smile Hair Clinic Hair Transplantation Center has performed hair transplantation on more than 15 thousand patients, including patients from different countries of the world. In addition, successful results have been achieved in the clinic. Dr. Gökhan Bilgin, the founder of the clinic, graduated from the Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine before opening the clinic, and after his success, he became an internationally recognized physician in the field of hair transplantation.

Which are the Best DHI Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey?

Smile Hair Clinic Hair Transplantation Center accepts many patients every year, especially in Turkey and England. He also has more than 14 years of professional experience. Along with world-renowned physicians in the field of Hair Transplantation and Hair Treatments, Smile Hair Clinic Hair Transplantation Center offers affordable prices to its patients. It has an average price of between 7 thousand TL and 10 thousand TL and it is possible to discuss for a free quote.

Sapphire Hair Clinic Hair Transplantation Center

Sapphire Hair Clinic Hair Transplantation Center provides service in the Sultangazi Istanbul region. It is known as a clinic of international standards, which is popular in the field of health tourism, especially plastic surgery and hair transplantation. Sapphire Hair Clinic, which has performed aesthetic surgery with hair transplantation with a high success rate for 10 years, provides its patients with high-quality service for tools and equipment with the latest technology equipment.

Sapphire Hair Clinic Hair Transplantation Center, which is among the best hair transplantation centers in Turkey, works with the focus of getting the best operating results. These procedures are carried out through Private Medistanbul Hospital under the leadership of Dr. Esin Eğilmez. Dr. Esin Eğilmez graduated from Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine in 2006. In addition, she has more than 10 years of professional experience in the field of hair transplantation treatment as an associate member of the international hair restoration surgery association.

You can get a free quote for the prices provided by Sapphire Hair Clinic Hair Transplantation Center. Prices vary according to the hair transplant area and on average, the prices vary between 5 thousand TL and 10 thousand TL.

MedArt Hair Istanbul

MedArt Hair Istanbul successfully offers hair transplant services to both foreign and domestic guests in the Şişli region. MedArt Hair Istanbul, which provides state-of-the-art hair transplantation and treatments, is known for having a team of qualified doctors and distinguished specialists who have training and standards in different clinics in the country and abroad. MedArt Hair Istanbul also has professional translators who work patient-oriented and translate into English, German, Arabic, Italian, and Spanish for foreign guests.

The institution performs hair transplant operations through the Fairmont Quasar Complex, the most luxurious and high-tech clinic in Istanbul. MedArt Hair Istanbul provides prices according to the area to be made according to hair transplantation techniques and according to the additional services received. This clinic, which is among the best hair transplant centers, and prices in Turkey, vary between 6 thousand TL and 15 thousand TL, on average, the hair transplantation prices are performed with MedArt Hair Istanbul.

Buk Beauty Hair Transplant

Buk Beauty Hair Transplantation Center provides its services in the Seyrantepe region of Istanbul. Buk Beauty Hair Transplantation Center, which is one of the popular aesthetic centers in Istanbul, provides services to people coming from abroad with its professional team. Providing service in its new center in the Sarıyer Vadi Istanbul region, Buk Beauty successfully provides hair transplant operations to its patients with its contracted qualified surgeons, dermatologists, specialist physicians, and technical staff.

Buk Beauty performs its hair transplant services at Aesthetics & Surgeries Istanbul Clinic. Buk Beauty Hair Transplantation Center provides personalized services. For this reason, you will be able to get advice by getting information about the current price. On average, prices vary between 5 thousand TL and 10 thousand TL.

Bienlife Clinic Istanbul

Bienlife Clinic Istanbul continues to provide services in the field of beauty and aesthetics with its 6 years of experience in the Sultangazi region and also with its professional team. Under the leadership of surgeon Serkan Dinar, Bienlife Clinic Istanbul offers personalized services to its customers, taking into account many parameters such as age, body type and skin in hair transplant services. Bienlife Clinic Istanbul, which uses devices approved by the FDA, that is, the World Health Organization, provides support in the field of hair transplantation with its professional and expert staff. In addition, the operations are carried out at Private Medical Park Florya Hospital. On average, hair transplant prices vary between 5 thousand TL and 15 thousand TL.

Asmed Hair Transplantation Center

Asmed Hair Transplantation Center uses modern technologies in hair transplantation with its famous doctors. They provide the best way to achieve an aesthetic appearance by evenly distributing the hair on the scalp together with the hair transplantation procedures performed in the closest way to the natural hair appearance. In this context, Asmed Hair Transplantation Center uses high-tech new methods as well as many techniques.

Koray Erdogan, who is a famous doctor at Asmed Hair Transplantation Center, is among the doctors whose voice is heard in the academic world with the new methods he offers in the field of hair transplantation. Asmed Hair Transplantation Center is located in the Istanbul Ataşehir region and you can get hair transplant service in this big hospital and improve your hair health and make it possible to benefit from the treatments. Prices offered by Asmed Hair Transplantation Center differ from person to person on average and vary between 40 thousand and 120 thousand TL.

Eshethica Hair Transplant Clinic

Eshethica Hair Transplantation Clinic is the most known and popular hair transplantation clinic in Turkey. In addition, it has many features that distinguish Estethica from others. The clinic provides active service to its patients not only in the field of hair transplantation but also in dental procedures, plastic surgery, and much more. For this reason, Eshethica Hair Transplant Clinic becomes a private medical center.

This center, which stands out with its institutionalism, only carries out a special method called DHI Plus Gold within its own body. This method, whose research and development process lasts for 12 months, reduces the time required for hair transplantation to one-third and causes less tissue damage. The average prices of Eshethica Hair Transplantation Clinic vary between 15 thousand TL and 100 thousand TL.

What is DHI Hair Transplantation?

DHI hair transplantation, namely Direct Hair Implantation, has the meaning of Direct Hair Transplantation. In this method, grafts are collected with a medical pen called Choi, which should only be used by experts. Then, after this process, the hair taken with this pen is placed directly on the skin without opening a channel or incision. When looking at DHI hair transplantation procedures,

  • According to known hair transplantation methods, these procedures are performed on separate trips. In addition, thanks to the special pens used, the process is reduced to one, providing convenience and comfort to the patients. In short, in the FUE method technique, the process is three-stage, but in DHI hair transplantation, it is two-stage.
  • It plays an important role in increasing the quality, providing a dense appearance, preserving the existing hairy appearance during hair transplantation, and ensuring that people who have had hair transplantation return to their lives quickly without shortening their hair.
  • DHI hair transplantation is the most advanced hair transplantation method performed with a special device called implanter pens.
  • The most important reason why the DHI technique has come to the fore in recent years is that it is a two-stage method without incisions. In addition, this process is shorter than other hair transplantation techniques. The most important factor in reducing hair transplantation to two stages is the use of an implanter pen. After the graft is placed into the device, the skin is pierced and left directly into the skin.

Who Can Have DHI Hair Transplantation?

The determination of the people who are suitable for DHI hair transplantation is first determined for the patient after a comprehensive examination. For this reason, people who decide to have a hair transplant need to be examined by an experienced doctor and get information about whether it is suitable for a hair transplant. When looking at who can have DHI hair transplantation, your current scale is determined first while determining whether you are suitable for DHI.

DHI plays an important role in hair transplantation, especially in terms of hair follicle depth and hair thickness. The issue of whether or not hair transplantation will be performed with the DHI method is decisive. In addition, being in a favorable general health condition and being over the age of 18 are known as one of the important criteria.

How Long Does DHI Hair Transplantation Process?

It is difficult to give clear information about the duration of the DHI hair transplant procedure. Many factors change the duration of the hair transplant process about how long the DHI hair transplant procedure is. Many factors, such as the size of the area to be transplanted, the number of grafts used in the hair transplant operation, and the experience and expertise of the doctor who will perform the hair transplant, are significantly effective in this process.

In addition, one of the main issues that will cause the difference in DHI treatment time is the structure of the scalp. Considering all these factors, it can be said that a single session for a DHI hair transplant operation will take between 6 and 9 hours.

Does DHI Hair Transplantation Work?

When looking to see if DHI hair transplantation will work, it is managed by all hair transplantation candidates who are suitable for the hair transplantation procedure and provides a great deal of success. One of the points that should be known in hair transplantation is to be carefully calculated for the hair transplantation to be successful and to work. Because many details need to be considered in hair transplantation.

To adjust the design of the front hairline correctly and symmetrically, it is necessary to pay attention to situations such as giving the right angle to the canal where the hair follicles will be placed and placing the transplanted hair in such a way that the existing hair grows in the direction of growth. In addition, placing the hair at frequent intervals is the most important detail that makes a hair transplant work.

With the DHI hair transplantation method performed with an expert team, hair transplantation requires expertise and provides a high probability that it will be done professionally and will work. After the examination and general examinations, hair transplant candidates will see that they can achieve a high success rate with the DHI hair transplant method.

Things to Consider Before DHI Hair Transplant

It is very important to minimize the risk of complications in the operation process and to complete the procedure successfully in terms of what should be considered before the DHI hair transplant procedure. For this reason, you are informed by the physician before or after the planning process for the hair transplant operation is performed. Regarding the things to be considered before DHI hair transplantation,

  • The DHI hair transplant process is usually a minor surgical operation. For this reason, as in all surgical operations, the necessity of stopping alcohol and cigarette consumption before DHI hair transplantation is presented to you.
  • It is recommended to quit smoking 1 day before DHI hair transplantation, and if a blood thinner and anticoagulant drug are used, you should consult a doctor before the operation.
  • You have to stop some of the medications you use 1 week in advance, with a doctor’s control. For this reason, you should go through a doctor’s examination and tell your doctor about the drugs you use.
  • Hair transplantation is an operation that is performed directly on your scalp, so you should pay attention to the absence of chemicals such as spray or gel on your hair on the day of DHI hair transplantation.
  • Before coming to the hair transplant procedure, you must take a shower in the morning and do not apply any chemicals.

How is DHI Planning Before Hair Transplantation Made?

It is not known as the only thing that carries the DHI hair transplant method forward in terms of aesthetics. Planning is important when looking at the stages that ensure the perfect application of hair transplantation techniques. In hair transplantation, planning should be done in terms of operation management and obtaining an aesthetic perspective. DHI hair transplantation technique and hair transplantation operation planning can be summarized as follows,

  • The number of grafts collected from the donor area is determined according to the area to be transplanted with DHI.
  • It is ensured that the hair follicles are distributed to the recipient areas to be transplanted.
  • Calculation of the natural growth directions and angles of hair follicles and determination of the hairline is the priority.
  • It is important to numb the areas with local anesthesia and this process takes an average of 6 to 8 hours. This period may be shorter in forehead reduction operations. In women, the exact duration of operations such as hair growth, hair transplantation, and unshaven hair transplantation is made by the doctor during the planning before hair transplantation.
  • Before the DHI hair transplant procedure, all the planning of the operation is shared with the patient and the post-operative information is provided.

What are the Stages of the DHI Hair Transplant Method?

Considering the stages of the DHI hair transplantation method, are critical points that should be emphasized by people who want to have an idea about the details of hair transplantation. DHI hair transplantation method usually starts with local anesthesia applications to the patient. In this way, patients are prevented from feeling pain and suffering during the hair transplantation process. The stages of the DHI hair transplantation method can be summarized as follows:

  • When the local anesthesia application shows its effect, the first and basic stage of the operation, the graft collection stage is started. At this stage, the hair follicles are loosened one by one with special devices and these roots are collected.
  • In the DHI hair transplantation technique, the grooving phase and the hair transplantation phase are performed together, therefore, after the grafts are collected, the appropriate angle for the hair transplantation is determined, and finally, the hair transplantation phase is directly started.
  • All collected grafts are placed one by one with a special device called an implanter pen, and small circles are opened in line with the angle determination made and placed in these rounds.
  • After the planned graft is transplanted, the operation is terminated and the procedure ends in 2 stages in total.

Things to Consider After DHI Hair Transplant

Considering what should be considered after DHI hair transplantation, it is considered one of the important situations that should be emphasized for the healing process to progress quickly and comfortably and to be successful in the hair transplantation operation. For this reason, the doctor who will operate will provide you with support on what to do afterward. For this reason, attention should be paid after the DHI hair transplant operation. Some things to consider after a DHI hair transplant operation are:

  • One of the important considerations after the DHI hair transplant operation is the protection of the hair transplant area.
  • For the operation to give a successful result, the hair follicles must not be damaged, therefore it is very important to protect the area against impacts.
  • It is important to rest at home for the first 3 days after the operation, and comfortable clothes should be preferred to protect the area against friction, and you should reduce the risk of the pillow causing friction by paying particular attention to the sleeping position.
  • Another important issue to be considered after a DHI hair transplant operation is exercise, you should avoid heavy exercise for the first four weeks after hair transplantation. In this process, if exercise is to be done, short walks may be preferred.
  • You should avoid alcohol and cigarette consumption during the recovery process. You should also comply with the drug use and shampoo preference that your doctor will recommend during this process.
  • You need to prevent the hair transplant areas from coming into contact with sunlight in the first stage.

Differences Between FUE Method and DHI Hair Transplantation Method

The differences between FUE and DHI hair transplantation methods first emerge during the application phase. In addition, the DHI hair transplantation method is a method consisting of two stages. In the FUE hair transplantation method, the grafts are collected with FUE motors, and the channel is opened in the next stage, and then the grafts are placed in the opened channels one by one. In this context, it can be said that there is a three-stage method.

The amount of graft to be applied with the two methods is also different from each other. In the DHI method, a maximum of 2500 grafts are transplanted in a single session, while 4500 grafts are transplanted in the FUE method. In this case, it changes the operation process and it can be said that the DHI technique has a longer application time than the FUE technique. DHI hair transplantation technique is more preferred, especially in unshaven transplantation.

What are the Advantages of the DHI Hair Transplant Method?

The fact that there is no shaving obligation in the DHI hair transplantation method allows hair transplantation to be performed without making any compromises in terms of aesthetics. The fact that there is no shaving obligation allows it to be preferred by women frequently. In the DHI hair transplantation method, the correct angle is determined for the hair transplantation process. In this way, the method provides an extremely natural appearance at the end. Considering the advantages of DHI hair transplantation, the following situations occur:

  • Performing the grooving and hair follicle placement at the same time allows the collected hair follicles to be placed in place without waiting for a long time. In addition, it allows more frequent planting and a more natural appearance.
  • Thanks to the DHI hair transplantation special tool, reduces the waiting time of the roots during hair transplantation, thus minimizing the risk of root loss.
  • Existing hair is not damaged and it is a method applied in patients whose hair loss has not been completed, patients provide a rapid recovery method.
  • All hair does not need to be shortened, so it is among the procedures that women who want to have a DHI hair transplant can easily have.
  • Although the hair around the transplantation area is long, it is not damaged by the transplantation procedures, and the tissue damage caused by the operation is minimal in the patient. For this reason, it is an important factor in the short recovery period.
  • Redness, crusting, and wounds caused by the operation heal in 7 to 10 days.
  • The risk of bleeding during the operation is also minimal and is among the ideal techniques for people with a high risk of bleeding.
  • Root compatibility with the canal is at the maximum level and grooving and root placement are done simultaneously.

What are the Complications of DHI Hair Transplantation?

Considering the complications of DHI hair transplantation, there are important points that should be known during the hair transplantation operation. Hair transplantation operations reduce the risk of complications when performed by a specialist physician by preparing the necessary sterilization conditions. The risk of infection after DHI hair transplant operation is very low and this risk is approximately 2%. However, it is reduced to a much lower level with measures such as antibiotic use.

In case of itching after hair transplantation, you should avoid scratching the area. In this way, you can get medical treatment advice for itching by consulting your doctor if needed. Considering the disadvantages of DHI hair transplantation, it must be done with a specialist doctor and team, since it requires care and diligence.

People who have DHI hair transplantation need to go through a long training process to be competent to perform the DHI method. For this reason, it should be done with doctors who are well-equipped in the field. DHI hair transplantation generally progresses slowly compared to other hair transplantation methods and is a more costly procedure than other transplantation procedures.

How Long Is DHI Hair Transplant Recovery Time?

DHI hair transplant recovery time is very short compared to other methods. In addition, in the DHI hair transplantation technique, the patient can be discharged on the same day. At the end of a two-day rest period, people can return to their daily life. However, it is also stated that the healing process is considered to be approximately two weeks.

During this period, you have to follow the instructions given to you and the healing process needs to be completed healthily. After DHI hair transplantation, the time required to complete the hair transplantation stages is approximately 12 months, and at the end of the 12-month process, you can see the final state of your hair.

What are the DHI Hair Transplant Prices?

To make a clear determination of DHI hair transplant prices, patients must undergo a doctor’s examination. In DHI hair transplantation, many issues such as the number of grafts to be used in hair transplantation, and the size of the area to be transplanted can also cause changes in prices. In addition, many details such as the level of expertise of the physician who will perform the hair transplant procedure, the technical equipment of the clinics, and the technologies used also significantly affect the DHI hair transplant prices. For this reason, you should contact the doctor to get price information.

Choi Implanter, which is used in the DHI hair transplantation method, and is also very efficient in terms of results, has a higher cost than other hair transplantation equipment. Moreover, since the collected hair follicles must be placed immediately, the medical team operating must be formed importantly. For this reason, the price of the operation may be slightly higher than other techniques.

What are the Recovery Stages After DHI Hair Transplantation?

One or two days after DHI hair transplantation, the first wash is done with wound care. In this case, the condition of the hair follicles is also checked. After this stage, people gradually relax. In addition, the first few days of DHI hair transplantation are among the most sensitive periods. After the second day, patients from foreign countries can return to their country. DHI hair transplant recovery stages can be summarized as follows:

  • After 10 to 15 days of DHI hair transplantation, the wounds heal, the crusts begin to fall off and the most sensitive period of the healing process is left.
  • DHI hair transplantation is between 1 and 3 months, and the weak hair that grows out of the transplanted hair follicles grows in this period. In addition, during this period, the hair sheds completely with shock shedding. Although there are difficulties in terms of aesthetics, shock shedding is a herald that it is very soon to regain your new hair.
  • After 3 to 6 months of DHI hair transplantation, the transplanted hair follicles become stronger in their new places and your permanent hair will begin to grow.
  • When DHI hair transplantation is between 8 months and 1 year, you now have your hair back and you can enjoy playing with your hair, shaping it, lengthening it, or cutting it short.

In short, more effective results can be seen in less time as the technology progresses in the DHI hair transplant method. DHI hair transplantation technique, which has been popular recently, seems to be advantageous both for people coming from abroad and for people coming from the country. DHI hair transplantation, which is a very useful method, is extremely useful and is popular in many regions such as Istanbul.

Why Choose DHI Hair Transplant Method?

The development of hair transplantation technologies provides different alternatives to people who experience hair loss. DHI hair transplantation technique, which is among these methods, has a very advantageous position compared to other methods. In the DHI hair transplantation method, the grafts are taken directly and placed on the bald area without waiting. Thus, the air contact of the hair follicles is also eliminated.

With minimal holes, patients will complete the operation almost bloodlessly. Also, since there is not much bleeding, scar problems are not seen. Patients who want it not to be obvious that they have had a hair transplant want the operation to go without a trace. Traceless hair transplantation is compatible with the DHI hair transplantation method and the recovery process is very fast in this operation where there is no intense blood flow.

Moreover, since the risk of infection is low, there is no question mark in your mind after the operation. In general, a natural result is obtained with the DHI hair transplant method. If you do not want people around you to understand that you have had a hair transplant, you can have a DHI hair transplant.

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