İstanbul’un En İyi 15 Saç Ekim Merkezi ve 2023 Saç Ekimi Paketleri

İstanbul’un En İyi 15 Saç Ekim Merkezi ve 2023 Saç Ekimi Paketleri

İstanbul’un En İyi 15 Saç Ekim Merkezi ve 2023 Saç Ekimi Paketleri Günümüzde, saç ekimi giderek daha pop

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Which are the Best Hair Transplant Hospitals in Turkey?


Hair transplant hospitals are among the first choices for transplant recipients. Moreover, many specialist doctors do the transplantation in such hospitals, hair transplantation is carried out in more stable environments in accordance with the Ministry of Health, thanks to the contracted hospitals. Let’s say that Turkey is quite advanced in hair transplantation and its clinics are the best in the world. If you were to ask in which field it is the best, we can say that it is good at everything in hair transplantation. In short, since we are the best in the world in this field, we can say that it is more affordable in price.

Hair transplant hospitals need to be evaluated not only according to the hospital but also according to the surgeon. Because the most important detail in hair transplantation is that the surgeon makes a sensitive transplant. In this way, you will get a natural hair transplant. Of course, since hair transplantation is constantly developing, it is necessary to follow the innovations and benefit from these innovations.

Here are the best hair transplant hospitals in Turkey.


Acıbadem Hospital Hair Transplantation

It is possible to have hair transplantation in Acıbadem Hospital, which is one of the few hospitals in Turkey. Acıbadem Healthcare Group, which performs this procedure in 5 hospitals with its strong team, performs hair transplant operations in Istanbul, Kocaeli, and Bursa. Abdullah Etöz and Nezail Demirciler, specialists in Aesthetic, Plastic, and Reconstructive Surgery, perform the hair transplant procedure.

Hair transplantation is performed in Acıbadem hospitals using FUT and FUE techniques. Although the FUT technique is not preferred much, we can say that Acıbadem ranks first among hair transplant hospitals for those who still prefer the FUT technique, as they are experts in this field.

Acıbadem is also a bit high in price among hair transplant hospitals. However, it is still preferred because there are many examinations performed here, and also because, in case of a possible event, immediate measures can be taken in the hospital.


Medical Park Hospital Hair Transplantation

Medical Park Hospitals successfully applies FUE and DHI methods in hair transplantation. Medical Park, which performs this procedure in many hospitals in Turkey, shows outstanding success in this regard. The health institution, which performs hair transplantation in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Elazig, Ordu, Antalya, Trabzon, Tokat, Mersin, and Samsun hospitals, also provides the necessary examinations in other hospitals and guides this issue.

Medical Park, which performs hair transplantation as a normal process, also helps with what to do before and after hair transplantation. Thus, you get hair transplantation as a successful and natural solution.

In addition, as hair transplantation prices, planting is done according to market conditions that are not very high. Since each hospital has its own doctors, prices may vary according to region.


Memorial Hospital Hair Transplant

In addition to Istanbul Ataşehir and Istanbul Bahçelievler hospitals, Memorial Hospital, which performs hair transplants in Ankara hospital, gives privileges to those with private health insurance and offers hair transplants with discounts of up to 20%. In addition to high-tech devices, it is among the first choices because the hair transplant doctors in the hospital are experts in their fields and have a high success rate in FUE and FUT methods.

They manage an intensive process in the field of hair transplantation in detail, and make the necessary examinations in all processes regularly, allowing you to benefit from all the facilities of the hospital. Hair transplant hospitals are also a better choice, especially for those with chronic diseases.

We can say that it is still in the upper segment in terms of hair transplantation prices. This is due to the services you will receive and the presence of a team that can immediately intervene in consultations that will occur during hair transplantation.


Liv Hospital Hair Transplant

In addition to using the most advanced FUE techniques, hair, beard, mustache, eyebrow, and even eyelash transplants are performed in Liv Hospital, from dense hair to unshaven hair transplants. Liv Hospital, which also performs hair transplantation for women, effectively uses the best devices for modern hair transplantation techniques.

The hair transplant team, treats its patients with a high success rate and performs all the necessary examinations during the treatment process, and regularly checks them, ensuring that you get the best results.

Although the hair transplant prices are high, Liv Hospital, which is among the choices, also helps with the necessary follow-ups and hair washing procedures after the hair transplant.


Nişantaşı Hospital Hair Transplantation

They provide a complete service with private transfer service for those coming from a different city or country, 1-night stay in the suite patient room for accommodation after hair transplantation, mesotherapy after hair transplantation, hair treatment applications, medical hair solution packages, and washing process after hair transplantation.

For this reason, Nişantaşı Hospital is among the most preferred hospitals from abroad among hair transplant hospitals. In the hospital where DHI and FUE techniques are used effectively, the Sapphire technique is also used. While 70% of hair transplant recipients are from Europe, the success rate has reached 99%. In the last three years alone, they have done more than 10 thousand planting operations.

Let’s say that the prices for the services they offer are higher than other hospitals and clinics. However, when the success rate is taken into consideration and the services to be received are considered, we encounter a very normal price.


Çevre Hospital Hair Transplantation

Çevre Hospital in Istanbul uses the FUE technique in hair transplantation. Again, the hospital, which has a high success rate, is among the first choices for those living in Istanbul, due to its services and the hair transplant team consisting of experts in their fields.

Since the people who have the most hair transplants are from the Middle East countries and are located in Şişli, Istanbul, hair transplant is done in a central location.

Çevre Hospital, which has mid-range prices in terms of price, has become the focus of attention of tourists due to its central location.


Hisar Hospital Hair Transplant

Hisar Hospital, which is among the first hospitals that come to mind when hair transplantation Istanbul is mentioned, is preferred both because it is located in Istanbul, FUT, FUE, DHI methods are applied and its prices are moderate. However, the reason why it is most preferred is Op. Dr. Hasan Şahin who is doing a hair transplant in this hospital.

Following the whole process and applying the necessary interventions, Op. Dr. Hasan Şahin is among the preferred names in hair transplantation. For this reason, among the hair transplant hospitals, Hisar Hospital is among the preferences of many people in European and Asian countries, due to the services of the hospital and the fact that the doctor is an expert in his work.


Gaziosmanpaşa (GOP) Hospital Hair Transplantation

Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital, which is the hospital of Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University, uses the classical method FUT and the innovative method FUE technique in hair transplantation. GOP Hospital, which is among the largest and most important health complexes in Turkey, also provides successful results with its hair transplant unit.

Since it is a university hospital, it is a hospital that implements innovations faster and it is among the first choices in hair transplantation, especially in our country, it becomes possible to have hair transplants at affordable prices.

Along with the health units, it is also possible to intervene immediately in all consultations that will occur during the hair transplantation process.


Dora Hospital Hair Transplant

Dora Hospital aims to provide the best services to its clients in hair transplantation. In this context, together with its high service quality, it also pleases its clients with its success rate. Dora Hospital, which performs and monitors all necessary examinations before and after hair transplantation, and accordingly ensures that you achieve a high success rate in hair transplantation, has achieved high satisfaction.

Dora Hospital, together with its units in the field of aesthetics, helps its clients in the renewal process in many subjects. Thus, the hospital, which has a large number of clients from Europe and Asia, offers solutions not only for hair transplantation but also for many health problems and aesthetic needs.

Dora Hospital, which uses the FUE technique for hair transplantation, has average prices.


Private Hospitals for Hair Transplantation

Although the hospitals we mentioned above are the prominent ones among the hair transplant hospitals, let’s say that there are many hospitals. In particular, there are hair transplantation units in hospitals and specialist doctors for these units also serve in many different hospitals. In short, there are many hospitals that the specialist doctor has contracted with, and these hospitals can thus provide hair transplant services to their clients.

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